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The Alabama Christian Klan


Magic City Corruption
La La Land

Acceptance  Not  Hate . 

Our Mission

We accept the Challenge of Change and are Known as the Southern Voice of The New Civil Rights ERA. We strive to represent our Heritage and Race in perspective in an effort to promote harmony and understanding for the benefit of our Great State, We uplift  the dignity of  All innocent Southern Baptist involved in the Dangerously unpredictable days of the Old Civil Rights Era.
A Friendly Warning
We are "THE' Alabama Klan
We continue to insist that any Ku Klux Klan that rallies in this State shall adhere to our specific guidelines.
We will not allow you to humiliate our efforts. 

Becoming a Member

Please contact our Investigation department for screening prior to application.
Your sincerity will be our deciding factor,
 Arrogant Vigilantes need not apply.
There are no dues or fees, however, if you choose to participate in our goodwill shenanigans then you will be expected to do so at your own expense at that time.


Organization News

Remember that we light the fire on the ground in front of our ceremonial cross to illuminate the symbol of forgiveness, only in honor of our Savior, Jesus Christ .
Never under-estimate the POWER of a small group of believers that can change the course of History.

Questions or comments?
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